June 9, 2015 by Joe Kukura

One of California’s Most Unique Art Installations

Northern California is unparalleled for both its art scene and its natural scenery, and the two converge magnificently in this summer’s Lake County EcoArts Sculpture Walk, a free eco-themed art walk featuring large-scale sculptures crafted by 28 talented artists.

EcoArts Sculpture Walk

The Dame of Thrones. Artists: Ricia Araiza and Michael Leventhal.

On display in wine country’s picturesque Lake County from June to October, the Sculpture Walk transforms an outdoor forest trail in idyllic Middletown into a contemporary art gallery celebrating its natural setting. Each magnificent sculpture is designed specifically for placement, and many of the sculptures have interactive qualities that encourage the viewer to grab, feel and play with them.

Some of the artwork is created by award-winning artists and professional sculptors includingLisa Kaplan, Diego Harris, Renata Jaworska, Karen Turcotte, Mary Mattlage, Terry Church andSherry Harris, among others, who have installed more than 300 sculptures “in dialog with nature” at the walk. Kaplan called it “a complete art happening with poets, dancers, musicians and, of course, the sculptural artists are all on hand.”

EcoArts of Lake County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the visual arts and advancing ecological stewardship for artists, residents and visitors to Lake County. It is at the heart of a vibrant arts scene in northern California’s emerging high-altitude winemaking region, where it recently opened the Middletown Art Center, a wonderfully new cultural hub featuring thematic exhibits that rotate out every six weeks.

EcoArts Sculpture Walk

Love the Snakes. Artist: Heidi Baker.

“Right now we have one [exhibit] called Innovative Landscapes,” said Kaplan. “So if you come to do the Sculpture Walk, please make sure to come by the Middletown Arts Center.”

The walk, now in its 13th year, still finds ways to amaze art lovers and nature enthusiasts like nothing else can. “It’s the only thing of its kind in all of Lake County,” Kaplan added. “It’s very contemporary art, and it’s selective.”

Make plans to take in this unforgettable confluence of nature and art, as the Lake County EcoArts Sculpture Walk remains on public outdoor display through October. It is a northern California outdoor experience like no other, showing how Mother Nature nurtures great works of art.