’s fresh look offers visitors a vibrant new web experience

November 24, 2015

Visitors to have probably noticed some changes to the website of wine country’s most majestic region. Big, sprawling images of lakes, mountains and vineyards stretch across the screen, while dynamic digital maps display with the touch of a button. Meet the new, an immersive and beautiful relaunch of your online home for Lake County’s best attractions and experiences, where much of the site is awash in the sky blue that exemplifies the cleanest air in America. Now easier to navigate and bursting with more color, the new is a tribute to the boating, bicycling and bird-watching that brings so many visitors to northern California’s great outdoors.
Lake County is one of the more peaceful and picturesque regions of NorCal, and the new site brings the beauty and vastness of the region alive across all of your digital devices. Its design puts magnificent outdoor natural attractions like the oldest lake in North America, Clear Lake and the legendary and majestic Mount Konocti front and center of your online experience. And it’s an incredibly handy tool for finding Lake County’s best wineries, hiking trails, horseback riding, water sports and nightlife options, all set against a stunning backdrop of the region’s extraordinary outdoor imagery.
“It’s just good general design in this modern day—it’s what attracts the human eye,” said Tod Hardin, partner and director of client services, in North America, for the digital marketing firm Crowd, which created the new site.
The designers for the new Lake County website decided to use big, beautiful images, large and readable text, and easier tools for visitors to navigate and find things more effectively.
“It’s easily readable on just about any device,” Hardin said. “You can look at it on phones, home computers or an iPad-type device. The whole goal was to simplify [the site] and make it a very engaging experience.”
You’ll find it easy to pull up lists of Lake County’s best attractions like wine tasting or boating, or its best restaurants and hotels. The images let you see exactly what you get in picturesque Lake County, and an interactive, dynamic digital map lets you plot out your trip by pinpointing which attractions and destinations are close to one another with a customized Google map.
“It all comes back to, how can you be informative and also visually interesting?” Hardin said. “With Google maps, you can integrate them into any website, you can put various filters on them and utilize that for the basis of creativity.”
The interactive Lake County map lets you filter your interests. Let’s say you’re looking for hiking trails near campgrounds, vacation homes near bird-watching hot spots or RV parks near horseriding trails. You can check boxes to highlight various locations and attractions to plan which are nearest to one another, or which are closest to the location you’re planning to visit.
The map lets you zoom in and out, and shows the natural elevation of Lake County’s high-altitude and low-altitude areas.
“It’s showing the elevation and the relief version of the mapping versus the flat version,” Hardin explained. “We looked at both and felt Lake County had such an interesting landscape from the valley to the mountains and the water. Lake County is an outdoor recreational destination. That kind of map is of more interest to that visitor, to the mountain bikers, the cyclists, the hikers and the campers.”
Further enhancements include a widget on every page to display the current temperature, easy links to the Lake County Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, plus a simple way to sign up for special Lake County events and offers.
“It’s been a real pleasure for us to work on. I think it’s been a centerpiece for us,” Hardin said. “Part of the goal is to give the people of Lake County something to be proud of, something they can point to and say, ‘Hey, check out our website.’”
New Lake County experiences are being added all the time. Get online and see firsthand all of the natural splendor and spectacular vineyards that beautiful Lake County has to offer, and whose mountains, lakes and wineries will help you enjoy some much-needed time offline.