Quilt Trail

Over 100 Quilt Blocks to Find Around Lake County!

California’s first Quilt Trail is right here in Lake County. Over 100 colored quilt blocks, measuring 4ft to 8ft square, have been created by all-volunteer teams and now adorn the sides of barns, pear packing sheds, wineries and other historic and agricultural buildings. Together, they stitch together our creative communities while offering a folk art experience to enjoy.
Click here to visit the official Lake County Quilt Trail website.

Part of a National Network

The Lake County Quilt Trail is part of the American Quilt Trail, which is a large organized network featuring over 3,000 quilt blocks across 40 states and Canada. A unique pattern is selected for each block to illustrate the history of the building, honor farming, celebrate family, or pay tribute to the history of quilting.


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