Water Activities

Take a Splash!

If you love the water, you’ll fall madly in love with Lake County! Our Lakes, rivers, waterways and shorelines offer an ideal playground for kayakers, paddle boarders, tubers, swimmers and more. Whether it’s on the vast waters of Clear Lake, the cool deep water of Blue Lakes, on Lake Pillsbury inside the Mendocino National Forest, or elsewhere, you are sure to create an experience to remember.
Clear Lake is the largest freshwater body of water in California and the centerpiece of our water activities. It provides over 100 miles of shoreline, making it ideal for paddlers and wildlife enthusiasts alike, with easy access being the name of the game.
Click here for a map of public access points on Clear Lake.

Dedicated Water Trails!

In recent years, a series of water trails were developed to help orient new paddlers and visitors to the lake, as well as provide interesting natural and historical information of these areas. Water trails are recreational waterways on a lake, river or ocean, containing access points and day-use and/or camping sites for the boating public. They emphasize low-impact use and promote stewardship of the resources, while providing healthy, outdoor activity.

Water Trail Maps

Water Trail 1: Rattlesnake Island – 4 mile loop
Water Trail 2: Tule Maze at Anderson Marsh – 6 mile loop
Water Trail 3: Cache Creek Dam – 10 miles roundtrip
Water Trail 4: Island Hopping in the Narrows – 8 mile loop
Water Trail 5: Volcanic Vents of Soda Bay – 6-9 miles round trip
Water Trail 6: Wetlands of Long Tule Point – 8-10 miles round trip
Water Trail 7: Rodman Slough – 8 miles roundtrip
Water Trail 8: Upper Blue Lake – 3 miles round trip


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