Reese Ranch Retreat

The Vision for Reese Ranch Retreat was brought to you by Catherine, with the support of her husband of 30 years, Jimmy. Often you’ll be greeted by her & her dog Diamond.

Catherine & Jimmy raised their 3 kids on the ranch & in 2017 turned it into Reese Ranch Retreat – a place where others can enjoy the beauty of the country & stay in one of the unique rentals, have a wedding or special event at the old fashion Red Barn, or enjoy the animals through an animal experience or goat yoga. She believes details matter & her guests do too because they comment on how much they appreciate it in the hundreds of reviews.

Catherine runs most of the ranch side of things – she is a multi-passionate person who believes in enjoying the journey and choosing joy along the way, She loves to help people do the same through the ranch and her 30 years as a professional photographer.

Her goal is that all who come get to experience the relaxing peace of mind that comes from being in nature and around animals, and that they can take that feeling with them as they go back to their daily life.

At Reese Ranch Retreat we strive to be a place that brings Joy in all forms. Come stay at one of our unique rentals, join us for Goat Yoga, Animal Experiences, a summer movie night, or plan your perfect wedding or event and be touched by the Reese Ranch Experience.


Contact Information


(707) 275-9705

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