Cookin’ on the Farm: Seasonal Soups: Fall

Do you love soup in every season of the year? So do we. We’ll cover soup principles such as cooking for the week, which soups freeze well and the overall technique of melding flavors for soups. But only in this class we’ll explore the deep and lush flavors of fall! We can’t wait to taste… Read more »

Happy Hour! Lyonnaise!

Did you know that the city and regions around Lyon France are considered to be the culinary capital of France? Indeed, they leave Paris, considering it to be overly pretentious, in the dust. Like Tuscany in Italy, this region draws on everything around it – farmland, mountain game, the seas and vineyards – to create… Read more »

Cookin’ on the Farm: Preserving: Tomato Recipes

Sometimes all you want to do is open a damn jar, toss some pasta and eat dinner! We’ll tackle two recipes to can here: Salsa and Simple Marinara. Go home with a salsa pint or marinara quart. Our Cooking Classes include all ingrediants, utensils, dishware and silverware. We serve filtered, chilled, still water. You’ll take… Read more »

Cookin’ on the Farm: Preserving: Brandied Pears

Let us celebrate our home in true glory! We’ll have Dancing Poly Farm and Scully Pears! We can the pears in halves, with mix of simple syrup and brandy. Open the jar into a small saucepan and reduce for 10 minutes. There may be nothing finer on a late January night in front of the… Read more »

Cookin’ on the Farm: Preserving: Tomatoes

The underrated and unsung hero of the kitchen! When winter sets in deep to the bone and Safeway tomatoes have dulled your senses to that of a spoon…open these tomatoes and remember that summer is coming. We’ll include some winter use recipes for you of fresh tomato sauce, bloody mary mix and amazing Italian pot… Read more »

Cookin’ on the Farm: Preserving: Peppers

Join us to kick off of Canning Week! We’ll pick peppers from the field, mild to hot as you like, chop, slice, dice and can them up into a beautiful relish for sausages, pork or even a freshly spiced baked potato. Go home with a pint! Our Cooking Classes include all ingrediants, utensils, dishware and… Read more »

Happy Hour! Tuscan Feast

Join us as we continue to explore this amazing heartland of food. We will dive into the amazing pates, cheeses, meats and vegetables of this region. Join us! Our Happy Hours always include 5-ish small bites. Let us do the cooking, you relax and enjoy. Guests are welcome to bring any beverage they’d care to… Read more »

Poly to Go! BBQ Feast

We enjoyed doing this so much last year, we’re making it an annual event. Yes, Dancing Poly BBQ Take-Home Feast! We do the work, you pick it up and relax! Slow and lightly apple-wood smoked Beef Brisket and Pork Ribs, Our Signature BBQ Sauce, Herbed Potato Salad, From-Scratch/4-Cheese Mac & Cheese, Farm-Fresh Cabbage Slaw, Green… Read more »