Audioboxx at the Twin Pine Casino

AUDIOBOXX Friday & Saturday March 29th & 30th 9:00 pm–1:30 am THEY ARE BACK! What defines the epitome of an unforgettable party? Audioboxx! Period… end of story. Timeless music and timeless performances are the two main focal points that create the essence of Audioboxx. “Alongside of trying to provide the best entertainment value, we haven’t… Read more »

The Freshmakers at the Twin Pine Casino

THE FRESHMAKERS Friday & Saturday March 22nd & 23rd 9:00 pm–1:30 am The Freshmakers are a high-energy, performance-focused party band from the Bay Area. While focusing on a setlist that is chock full of songs from the last 5 years, they also take on the most nostalgic tunes from the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. Their show… Read more »

The Kid and Nic Show at the Twin Pine Casino

Kid and Nic Show Friday & Saturday March 15th & 16th 9:00 pm–1:30 am The Kid and Nic Show is a fun, high energy, interactive, variety musical group! When Nicole (Nic) and Kirk (Kid) Tracy met, they had no idea that their partnership would soon include leading a band together. Nicole was a busy actor… Read more »