Audioboxx at the Twin Pine Casino

AUDIOBOXX Friday & Saturday March 29th & 30th 9:00 pm–1:30 am THEY ARE BACK! What defines the epitome of an unforgettable party? Audioboxx! Period… end of story. Timeless music and timeless performances are the two main focal points that create the essence of Audioboxx. “Alongside of trying to provide the best entertainment value, we haven’t… Read more »

The Freshmakers at the Twin Pine Casino

THE FRESHMAKERS Friday & Saturday March 22nd & 23rd 9:00 pm–1:30 am The Freshmakers are a high-energy, performance-focused party band from the Bay Area. While focusing on a setlist that is chock full of songs from the last 5 years, they also take on the most nostalgic tunes from the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. Their show… Read more »

The Kid and Nic Show at the Twin Pine Casino

Kid and Nic Show Friday & Saturday March 15th & 16th 9:00 pm–1:30 am The Kid and Nic Show is a fun, high energy, interactive, variety musical group! When Nicole (Nic) and Kirk (Kid) Tracy met, they had no idea that their partnership would soon include leading a band together. Nicole was a busy actor… Read more »

Maxx Cabello Jr. at the Twin Pine Casino

MAXX CABELLO JR Friday & Saturday March 8th & 9th 9:00 pm–1:30 am The American music flame will never go out as long as young artists such as Maxx Cabello Jr. take the torch and keep it burning. This young amazing guitarist, soulful vocalist, and prolific songwriter, hails from the streets of the San Francisco… Read more »

Jessie Leigh Band at Twin Pine Casino

JESSIE LEIGH BAND Friday & Saturday March 1st & 2nd 9:00 pm–1:30 am Jessie Leigh is an emerging singer/songwriter/musician on the Northwest country music scene. She infuses her rock and roll attitude into her country style and has been praised for her fresh, unique sound as well as her ability to take “old school music… Read more »

Nash Brothers

THE NASH BROTHERS Friday & Saturday February 22nd & 23rd 9:00 pm–1:30 am Yes – family bands still exist, and the Nash Brothers are the best in the area. The Nash Brothers were born and raised in The City of Roses, Portland, OR, “but our hearts beat to the sounds of country life. It began… Read more »

DJ Optimiztic at the Twin Pine Casino

DJ OPTIMIZTIC Friday & Saturday January 25th & 26th 9:00 pm–1:30 am Alex specializes in DJing, sound engineering and guest service. He prides his self on genuine customer service and delivers consistent quality satisfaction. His studio has done studio and/or live sound work for artists such as, Frank Hannon (of Tesla), Mic Gillette (of Tower… Read more »