Bed & Barrel at Stonehouse Cellars

Bed & Barrel at Stonehouse Cellars started in 2010 with two families seeking an escape from the hustle of everyday city life. Today, they are proud to be producing great wines but their greatest pride comes from being able to open their home to others so everyone can experience the small miracles that come with slowing down and breathing deeper. Bed & Barrel is a home for friends and wine that resets your compass to true North. Come as you are, stay as you like, and let their home give you sight for the small and simple miracles. Laugh, break bread, and stay awhile.


Contact Information


500 Old Long Valley Road, Clearlake Oaks, CA


Monday - Friday :
11am - 5pm
Saturday and Sunday :
1pm - 5pm


(707) 562-0583
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