Renee Smith Photography

Renee is a photographer from Forestville, California. She cannot get enough of the outdoors! She loves to take her son and daughter out for hikes, mountain biking adventures, water skiing, horse riding – anything that will get them out of the house!

Renee captures the moments that matter: engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn, family, etc.

When it comes to lighting, she loves to capture moments at sunset. Whether it is a maternity session and the light perfectly wraps around the expecting mother, or a family session and the brother and sister walk hand in hand, or a wedding when the bride and groom have a quiet moment to themselves – sunset lightning ads so much warmth to her photos.

Her goal on any wedding day is to capture the moments that everyone truly felt. She loves to capture the way the light shines through the brides veil, the way the light shines perfectly on the groom as they walk. These little details are what make her so incredibly happy to be a photographer.


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