Danny's Roadside Kitchen

Keep your eyes peeled for this “blink and you’ll miss it” roadhouse when traveling in Lower Lake.  You’ll recognize it by the scent of sweet, juicy meats wafting through the air and the occasional motorcycle out front. A tiny shack with no indoor seating, Danny’s is a cult favorite on this side of the lake. One grateful diner noted, “If it was in the city, there’d be a line an hour long.” Hurry over for your chance at a rack of ribs, country sides, and pork or tri-tip by the pound before the Instagram celebrities find out. We joke, but only sort of. It’s a small joint with a limited production, so they often sell out. Consider yourself warned.


Contact Information


9800 CA-53, Lower Lake, CA 95457


Tuesday- Saturday :


(707) 701-6025


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