Kaz Winery


After a decade of making more wild wines, introducing more poignant ports, and going for an organic and “green” flair, Kaz gave into the need to slow down and enjoy life. Having spent 30 years tending to his vineyards, making the wines, and selling them himself, Kaz was in need of a break. So, he sold the winery and downsized to Lakeport in Lake County, California. Cutting down production from 2,000 cases to 300 freed up Kaz to take on other endeavors. More focus on ports, taking on new fruit sources, and having ample energy to invest has proven to be a great thing – the wines are better than ever!


1435 Big Valley Road, Lakeport, CA, USA



Saturday 10:30 - 4pm


(707) 474-8822

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