Exploring Equine Brain Science & Horsemanship

Fri, Apr 7 - Sun, Apr 9 12:00am - 11:59pm


Highland Springs Equestrian Center 8900 Wight Way Kelseyville, CA 95451

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Ever wondered what is between your horse’s ears? To glimpse into the horse’s real brain workings? Just how do they really learn? This eye-opening clinic will help you to read your horse’s subtle body language. Learn the horse’s natural brain chemistry and how to change it.  Improve your relationship with your horse, offer amazing benefits at liberty, groundwork, colt starting, riding under saddle and your overall safety. The presentation is by Dr. Stephen Peters, Neuroscientist, who has studied equine brains for 20 years and collaborates with renowned horseman Martin Black to co-author Evidence-Based Horsemanship. For more on Dr. Peter’s growing work, go to: http://www.horsebrainscience.info Both classroom and live demonstration. Practical training based in science!

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