Wild Diamond Vineyards

Wild Diamond Vineyards is located along an airflow path in Lake County, California – an idealistic and stunning area especially well suited for vineyards.

We have a special saying, “220 at 2,200”, meaning our soils are type 220, a red volcanic soil complex that naturally stresses the vines to produce distinct characteristics. We also sit at an elevation of 2,200 feet, which contributes to added sun intensity during the day and cooler, frost-free temperatures at night.

These ideal growing conditions enable the grapes to grow thicker skins and larger seeds that enhance the body, structure, and intensity of our wines. Our grapes enjoy a longer growing season, producing wines that age well and fully reflect the unique terroir.

Join us in our wine tasting village with spectacular views and award winning estate wines.


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15015 Spruce Grove Rd, Lower Lake, CA 95457, USA




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