A bounty of farm-focused fun this fall!

September 15, 2021

Here’s a fancy word you might have heard: “Agritourism.” Basically, it means what it sounds like — visiting a working farm or ranch for enjoyment and education.

Peace and Plenty Farm
Peace and Plenty Farm

In which case, we’ve been doing “agritourism” for decades, long before it was cool (it helps when you’re in California, the nation’s breadbasket, with soil enriched by a volcano). Of course, we don’t really call it “agritourism” around here. We just call it: “having a blast supporting the farms that work hard to make the produce and products we enjoy.” Okay, so maybe “agritourism” is catchier.

Whatever you call it, Lake County boasts a bounty of fun, family friendly, farm-related activities. And there’s no better time to visit than the fall, when the temperatures begin cooling and harvest is going in full force. 

You might not know where to start, so let us help. For farm stays, attractions, and events this fall, consider this your farmer’s almanac!

Vineyard and Farm Stays

Vintage Airstream lodging at Peace and Plenty Farm
Vintage Airstream at Peace & Plenty Farm

Want your vacation to include the sensation of waking up before the sun? You’ve come to the right place. Make that “places.” The Ripe Choice is the right choice for a serene escape, with a modern studio space inside a 100-year old barn overlooking a working vineyard, orchard and farm. Want to check out the country’s largest organic saffron farm in style? Check out Peace and Plenty Farm and stay in their 1968 Vintage Airstream set in a meadow surrounded by walnut trees. Or get off the grid at Finca Castelero, a remarkable retreat for those who love the outdoors. 

Farm Visits & Attractions


You don’t have to spend the night at a farm to enjoy one…or many. Renker Farms is a Lake County classic, and has been growing fresh flowers, vegetables, pumpkins and pears for generations. And be sure to visit Edenberry U-Pick Farm and enjoy the freshest fruit you can possibly find, straight from the tree.

Farm Events

Lake County Wine Auction
Lake County Wine Auction

Time your trip right and you can also visit many of our farm and ag-related events. Help support charitable programs in the arts, health and community — and enjoy the state’s tastiest wine too — at our annual Wine Auction on September 18. Visit all of the wonderful farms along the Soda Bay Road Corridor on September 19 for the Big Valley Small Farms Tour, where each farm will host guests for an interactive and memorable experience. And what would fall be without a visit to the pumpkin patch and corn maze? That Ranch, conveniently located just off Highway 29, opens September 25 and offers a variety of family fun activities. From picking out the perfect pumpkin, to wandering the corn maze, jumping in bounce houses, taking a turn at the popular pumpkin cannon and riding the Bee Train there’s endless fall adventures to be had!

We couldn’t possibly fit all of our fall, farm-related activities so be sure to check out all of our upcoming events.