Sail away to the must-see Boatique Winery

May 23, 2023

Lake County is wine country’s fastest-growing region for a reason. Well, many reasons. From our “sui generis” volcanic soil, which produces a bold, rich flavor that’s unparalleled in the region, to our luscious landscape, with endless verdant vistas blanketed by vibrant baby blue skies. But the best part is the people.

You don’t have to be a sommelier with a PhD in Oenology to be a vino tourist around here. Our winemakers are friendly folks who go from total strangers to dear friends in the span of an afternoon. We’re not just for people who “know” wine, but for those who savor life. Moment by moment. Glass by glass.

Nowhere is Lake County’s Clearly Different philosophy clearer than our wineries. We love ‘em all, and you will too, but we’re going to focus on one that’s lately caught a lot of folk’s attention: Boatique Winery.

Boatique Vineyard

That’s not a typo. “Boatique” is cleverly named because it uniquely brings together owners Madi and Robert’s twin passions of fine wines and beautiful boats. Their twin passions are on display (literally) at their must-see Boatique winery!

How To Experience

Boatique Winery is located in the Red Hills Appellation, in the shadows of Mt. Konocti,  on 47 acres of rolling vineyards spread throughout stunning alpine and oak forests. The spectacular setting isn’t just eye candy, as it adds to their wines’ sumptuousness (more on that in a second). 

Olive trees at Boatique Winery
Olive trees at Boatique Winery

You’ll be greeted at the entrance by beautiful Barouni olive trees, which were planted in 1887, but have called Boatique home since 2015. Once inside, you’ll be greeted with a warm smile from one of Boatique’s staff members, who will invite you to choose from one of several tasting experiences, from a simple tasting (with or without a charcuterie board), to a full tour and tasting. Not ready to sit and sip just yet? You can also stroll through the magnificent gardens, lounge on the outdoor patio, or view the exquisite wooden boat collection. And if you really enjoy your visit, Boatique is also a whimsical wedding venue, with multiple locations on the property to say “I do.”

Weddings at Boatique Winery
Weddings at Boatique Winery

Tasting Room  & Boat Collection

Boatique Winery Tasting Room
Boatique Winery Tasting Room

The Tasting Room is just that, tasteful, with well-appointed wooden features, and comfortable seating where time just melts away. Behind the bar are large windows, which reveal the dozens of wooden boats that Madi and Robert have collected over the years. If you’re a boat lover, viewing the collection is a no-brainer, but even land lovers can’t help but admire the amazingly shined boats, and the even more amazing stories behind them. There are also a few vintage cars, plus boating trophies and memorabilia, making Boatique as much a museum as it is a winery. Make no mistake, though: The wine is the draw.

What Makes The Wine So Wonderful?

Boatique Collection Display
Boatique Collection Display

While the beautiful boats make Boatique unique, it is the wine that makes it superb. Boatique boasts the same volcanic soil which renders every Lake County wine sublime. Additionally, the winery is located 2,266 feet above sea level. Using sustainable, high-elevation farming techniques in the mountainous terrain yields grapes with thicker skins and heavier tannins, producing more intense wines. Their portfolio includes exceptional sparkling, rose, white, and blended red wines, but the centerpiece is undoubtedly their Sauvingon Blanc, which thrive in the alluvial soil (you will too).

Where To Stay?

Boatique is located in Kelseyville, with lodging opportunities in town, as well as several places in nearby Calistoga, just 35 miles to the south. But you’re already in paradise, so why leave? Boatique has two lodging options on the property: The Cottage overlooking the Red Hills Vineyard, and the Hill House, boasting breathtaking views of Mt. Konocti. Find out more about Boatique’s lodging options.

Plan Your Visit 

Ready to sail away to your Boatique getaway? Boatique Winery is open Thursday – Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Visitors are strongly encouraged to book in advance by calling (707) 279-2675 or booking online.

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