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April 20, 2018

Lake County Resort Destination – The Lodge at Blue Lakes
Dating back to the 1800’s, tourists trekked to Lake County to “take the waters” of the region’s famed geothermal hot springs – and the cool waters of Clear Lake. They came from San Francisco, Sacramento, Ukiah, and all points in-between. Back then, Lake County was a bonafide “hot-spot” literally, for those seeking escape from the cities.

Tastefully decorated, lake view rooms.
Tastefully decorated, lake view rooms.

Fast-forward a couple of centuries to modern-day Lake County, (which isn’t so different from way back when) to experience the charm of one of the few remaining resorts that made the region famous. Lake County resort destination – The Lodge at Blue Lakes – a modern resort on the shores of Blue Lakes, was rescued from oblivion to become one of Lake County’s most popular waterfront destinations.
It was the 1940’s – the era of dance halls and big bands, and The Lodge was the nexus for revelry with live music and plenty of “Lindy Hoppin’” on the weekends. But when the post-World War II euphoria wore off, the world began to spin a little faster, and Lake County’s more affluent neighbors started siphoning off our visitors. The region soon retreated to its agricultural roots, its reputation as a resort destination a fading memory.

Family fun on the shores of Blue Lakes!
Family fun on the shores of Blue Lakes!

That was then.
Now that Lake County’s wines are garnering attention on a worldwide stage, tourists are rediscovering the rustic charms – and hidden gems – of Northern California’s burgeoning wine country.
After their own discovery of Lake County, Peter and Maryann Schmid were instantly enamored of the region’s natural beauty – and potential. As serendipity would have it, there was opportunity too.
The Hillsborough couple purchased the failing Lodge in 2003 and set about lovingly renovating, renewing and restoring the hotel in modern style. What was once a boarded-up eyesore was reborn as spacious, tastefully appointed lodgings with beautifully tended grounds, and an exceedingly friendly staff.

Weddings and Celebrations at the Lodge at Blue Lakes
Weddings and Celebrations at the Lodge at Blue Lakes

Nestled between the canyons, The Lodge at Blue Lakes feels worlds away. Convivial common spaces, expansive decks with outdoor grills, verdant grounds overlooking the Blue Lakes, and a sandy beach make it the perfect place to spend the day – or your entire holiday.
Fisherman and birdwatchers love the Blue Lakes for its abundance of trout and variety of birds, and the Lodge’s fleet of electric boats makes it easy to explore nature in an eco-friendly fashion. Planning a wedding or special event? The Lodge at Blue Lakes has played backdrop to many wonderful celebrations.
Today’s travelers are no different from those who came back in the day (except maybe for faster vehicles). If you’re looking for an escape from the today’s spin-cycle pace, take a step back in time at The Lodge at Blue Lakes.

The original "Blue Lakes Lodge"
The original “Blue Lakes Lodge”