Road Scholar Brings Intelligent Tourism to Lake County

February 26, 2015

School is cool when it involves award-winning wineries, bird watching in sensational scenic habitats and staying at a restored 19th century luxury hotel. But those are the perks of a Road Scholar education in Lake County, California, home to the cleanest air in America among many natural wonders. Road Scholar is a long-running educational travel and tourism program offering “study tours” of unique spots in the United States and 150 other countries. Lake County holds its own among the most intriguing Road Scholar host towns, with many of wine country’s finest vineyards and a broad range of rare wildlife whose biological diversity is off the charts.
You can book a Road Scholar vacation online in just minutes. With five days of activities plus luxury food and lodging included, a Road Scholar vacation in Lake County is one of the better travel values you’ll find. These Road Scholar vacation pictures give you an idea how the program will show you around Lake County in style. Let’s take a look at the array of Road Scholar events coming to Lake County in 2015.
Wine country wasn’t always called “wine country.” Originally the crown jewel of northern California’s wine-producing region, Lake County vineyards were wiped out by Prohibition but enjoy a full renaissance today. This Road Scholar program walks you through that history, and includes lectures, vineyard hikes and lessons on food pairing and viticulture from the region’s top experts, making it a pilgrimage every wine connoisseur ought to make. Check out this video of the ‘North of Napa: California Wine Country as It Used to Be’ program to see what this wine-tasting adventure has in store.

May 3-8, 2015, and Oct. 4-9, 2015

A Backcountry Birding Adventure: By Foot, Kayak and Pontoon Boat
You haven’t been birding until you’ve been birding in a kayak along the majestic shores of the oldest lake in North America. Lake County’s Clear Lake has more than 300 species of birds, creating a bird-watching experience without parallel. You’ll also get pontoon rides, mountain birding hikes and lectures on birding from preeminent Audubon Society experts.

May 17-22, 2015, and Sept. 20-25, 2015

My Hometown: Lake County — Wine, Walnuts and Wonderful Townsfolk
In any community, it’s the people that make a difference. This program introduces you to the good people who’ve made Lake County a great place — the folks who created a local state park, renovated a disused hotel into a four-year university, created an innovative organic farm-to-school nutrition program and turned an old single-screen theater into a vibrant performing arts center. The itinerary includes exclusive performances by local musicians just for your group. It’s a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes and see aspects of Lake County that tourists rarely get to experience.

May 31- June 5, 2015

All of Lake County’s Road Scholar events include lodging at the Tallman Hotel, a historic luxury hotel built in the 1890s and carefully renovated to offer a mix of classical opulence and modern-day charm. While it’s a registered historic landmark, the Tallman is also equipped with high-tech solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling systems. There’s even a free electric car charging station at the Tallman, for those who like to enjoy 19th century luxury in 21st century style. Amenities also include meals at the Blue Wing Saloon, originally opened in 1880 and impeccably restored for a modern dining experience.
The wine and the wildlife are second to none in beautiful Lake County, so get to know them a little better. Book a Road Scholar vacation that will truly stand out as an unforgettable and immersive learning experience.
Photo credit: Lisa Teso for Road Scholar, Inc.