Spend Some Time with Santa at Twin Pine Casino’s Holiday Faire

November 10, 2021

Twin Pine Casino rests under the shoulder of Mt. St. Helena, and for many, serves as the first point of civilization when entering Lake County after the winding drive over Hwy 29. The casino serves not only as a place to have some fun, eat some good food, and enjoy one of their weekly concerts, but also as a hub for the Middletown community.

So it’s no surprise that each December, the casino hosts one of Lake County’s best events, the Holiday Faire. Artisans and craftspeople come from around the county to sell their wares—and they aren’t just typical arts and crafts. Woodworkers showcase intricately created boxes, layering multicolored woods to create artistically designed pieces. Fine artists showcase local landscapes, each thoughtfully painted in oils and acrylics. Potters from Cobb Mountain Artists highlight functional and artistic ceramics, ranging from nesting bowls designed to represent leaves to tall, finely crafted, delicate vases. Jewelers share finely crafted designs such as Lake County Diamonds intricately woven into pendants with thin copper wire.

Other vendors sell finely scented soaps, delicately wrapped in linen, or uniquely designed candles, ready to fill a room with their And there’s the food: Handcrafted fudge, pickled asparagus, candies. Each booth has something unique to offer and discover.

Santa’s workshop dominates the event. Lit Christmas trees surround him as he sits in his chair, kindly welcoming young and old to take a photo with him. The craft area sits below the stage, where children can make candy cane reindeers, color, and write special notes that only Santa can read. It’s not unusual to see dozens of kids eagerly gluing, coloring, and writing, all in eager anticipation of the coming holidays. Meanwhile, adults sip on a complimentary hot chocolate or apple cider, enjoying the festive atmosphere

Twin Pine Casino’s Holiday Faire serves as a chance to find some of the best arts and crafts in Lake County, get in the spirit of the season, and pick up a few holiday gifts, and it’s a place where children feel welcomed and adults can browse to their heart’s content.

Twin Pine Casino offers clean, quality rooms and suites at affordable prices. Their gift shop also has an extensive collection of local wares and wines. This year’s Holiday Faire will run from 11-5 on December 11th and 12th.  The faire will follow COVID protocol, which includes masking and social distancing.

Twin Pine Casino

22223 CA-29, Middletown, CA 95461

(707) 987-0197