350 North: Casual, Hometown Food

April 15, 2021

Wine barrels sit under the extended awning of 350 North in Lakeport, converted into tables. Barstools stretch around them, with diners propped on the edges, enjoying a beer and burger. Inside, sports play on the televisions, and country music fills in the moments between conversations. “Be proud of your hometown. It’s a big part of what makes you the person you are”, a large sign above the bar reads. “Lakeport Proud”. The atmosphere’s relaxed, casual. It’s the kind of place to get a meal, then hang out for a couple of hours chatting with friends.

Curious, Trudy and I brought the kids down to try out something new. We had spent the afternoon walking in the woods and couldn’t wait to sit down (indoors, of all places!) and enjoy a good meal.

And we were pleasantly surprised. 350 North has come up with some great flavors. Our daughter picked out the Cubano sandwich, a combination of citrus glazed pulled pork, ham, swiss, pickles, and Dijon mustard. The hint of sweetness from the pork, combined with the saltiness of the ham and bite of the pickles, mustard, and swiss, creates a savory, mouth-filling flavor. It’s best to eat this one over the plate, as it does drip.

And you can’t go wrong with the classic bar foods, either. My son got the 350 North burger and was impressed by the juicy, full-flavored burger cooked to order. On a toasted bun, it all combines into a gooey, crunchy, mouth-filling meal, which managed to fill him up, an impressive feat for a teenager. And the fish and chips are no slouch. Lightly breaded, they’re crisp, flaky, and delicate. They don’t leave the fingers dripping with grease and complement the fries well.

Even after we finished the meal, we sat for a few minutes, enjoying the family-friendly atmosphere, and chatting. The relaxed vibe makes it perfect for kicking back for a while.

And there’s more to look forward to. The current menu is still transitional and will continue to change and bring in more unique, high-end meats, like Wagyu beef or duck. Combine that with a local beer on tap, and you’ve got a pleasant evening out.

350 North Pub

350 North Main Street

Lakeport, CA 95463


HOURS: 7 Days a week, 11 am – 9 pm

This article first appeared in The Bloom. To read more like it, visit their website.