Smoothies on Demand at Mix in Lakeport

March 18, 2021

Josh Hourtal and Margie Saucedo, owners of Mix in Lakeport, stand behind the counter, preparing a dutch chocolate smoothie for a customer. Winter sun shines in through the windows, highlighting the Herbalife containers on the table behind them. A door leads into City Fitness, where another customer, fresh from the showers, pops in.

“We’re creating healthy alternatives for people,” Josh says, finishing up the smoothie while Margie rings up the customer. “When I discovered this, I worked at the post office, and Margie was at CVS. Hang on.” He pulls out his phone and scrolls through it. “Here it is.” He flips the screen our way, showing a picture of him with a neck brace. “I had to go through neck and spine surgery and felt terrible. But I lost 100 pounds in ten months, and feel great. Margie lost 50 pounds.” He’s bouncing around the shop, full of energy.

Margie’s just as excited as Josh. “It’s a healthy café,” she adds. “We have protein waffles, protein donuts, vegan options, and a fitness and recovery menu. “We are making a healthy, active lifestyle hub. It’s more than coming in and getting shakes.”

Josh continues. “For example, over here, we’re setting up our corner evaluation center.” He leads us a few steps to the far edge of the room, where a small table stands. Framed quotes line the wall. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you,” one reads. “Choose happy,” another says.

“This is where we host our 21 Day Body Transformation Challenge,” he gestures. “And it’s where we do the weigh-ins and coaching. I’m going to put a couch over in the corner, and we’ll have a place to store the participant’s information.” He slows down for a second. “We want to create a good vibe and be a positive place for people to get healthy.”

Another customer strolls in from the gym, and we chat with Josh while Margie gets him a drink.

“Why don’t I make you something?” Josh asks as he steps behind the counter. “This is our healthy meal combo—a power tea and a smoothie.” He deftly pours several ingredients in an ice-filled cup, creating layers of blue, purple, and green. Then he seals it, gives it a good shake, and pokes a straw through the top. “This is the power tea. It’s got B12, cranberry, aloe vera, blue blast, and green tea.”

He hands over the drink then prepares the smoothie. A few seconds later, he’s got a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake smoothie set up. With 24 grams of protein and 21 vitamins and minerals, it’s flavorful, filling, and healthy.

“If you eat Mcdonalds, you’ll feel like Mcdonalds,” he says, smiling beneath his mask. “But if you eat good things, you’ll feel good. If you eat chicken with broccoli and brown rice, you’re going to feel great.”

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