Meet three Lake County ladies who help make us Clearly Different on the California NOW podcast!

April 10, 2024

Visit California, California NOW PodcastWhat do Paris fashion, two-million year-old waters, and wine-making in Prohibition have in common? You guessed it: Lake County!

Find out how from three of the Lake County ladies who help to make our community Clearly Different!

Check out their appearance on the popular California NOW! podcast!

From Paris runway to Kelseyville saffron farming.

Aerial view of Peace & Plenty Farm
Aerial view of Peace & Plenty Farm

First up is Melinda Price, a contender for “most interesting person ever.” The California native went from jungle living in Maui, to runway modeling in Paris, to co-owning Peace & Plenty Farm in Kelseyville, one of the only saffron farms in the United States! Melinda talks about what makes Lake County great for saffron farming – and what makes us great, period.

Diving into Clear Lake’s ancient waters.

Clear Lake and Mount Konocti
Clear Lake and Mount Konocti

Next is “Lady of the Lake” (no, literally), our Water Resources and Invasive Species Coordinator, Angela DePalma-Dow. You may recognize Angela from her column in Lake County News. Now, she dives into the fascinating story of Clear Lake’s ancient origins, plus how the ecosystem makes it a world-class fishing and bird-watching destination!

What makes Lake County wine wonderful?

The Ripe Choice Farm & Catering Wedding Ceremony Setup
The Ripe Choice Farm & Catering Wedding Ceremony Setup

Last, but definitely not least, is Tammy Lipps, owner of Ripe Choice Farm & Catering in Lakeport. Tammy talks about one of our favorite topics: Wine! Specifically, what makes Lake County one of the fastest-growing regions in wine country! Did you know that Lake County was home to wine country before Prohibition? Listen to Tammy’s tales for more tasty tidbits.

Bragging about Lake County is one of our favorite pastimes (besides playing in Lake County, of course). So we’re so proud to showcase our community, and three of the people who help make it so great!

Thank you to California NOW for showing some love, and especially to Melinda, Angela, and Tammy for doing an amazing job at, well, everything!

What’s even better than hearing about Lake County? Visiting us!

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