Spring into Lake County for a Clearly Different Adventure

March 7, 2024

Pardon the cliche, but we love all four seasons. Especially since we live in the 707, where we skip the stifling summers and wicked winters, but still get to enjoy the specialness that each season brings.

That said, we really love spring.

There’s nothing more mesmerizing than watching Mother Nature wake up after a long winter’s nap. She certainly works overtime around here. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, the lakes are full, the wildlife is roaming, and the pace of life picks up just a smidge (though not so fast you can’t slow down and enjoy it). 

Kayaking on the Blue Lakes
Kayaking on the Blue Lakes

But we don’t mind saying, our favorite part is getting more visits from people like you. Hey, what can we say? We love seeing old friends and making new ones, too.

Skip the overcrowded beaches, busy big cities, and stress-inducing amusement parks. 

Here are three big reasons to spend your season in Lake County!

Wine County’s fastest-growing region

Northern California’s wine country has been a staple for spring breakers for as long as we can remember. We’re proud to say that Lake County is officially the fastest-growing region in wine country! No surprise there.

Wine tasting in Lake County, CaliforniaIt’s the sumptuous sips, with wines made from grapes grown in the unique volcanic soil of nearby Mt. Konocti.

It’s the world-class wineries, including our prize winners at the  2024 San Francisco Chronicle’s Wine Competition.

It’s the spellbinding sights and vast, verdant vistas, which pair well with any wine, whether you prefer chardonnay or cabernet, sauvignon blanc or red blend.

Bocce ball at Vigilence Winery
Bocce ball at Vigilance Winery

Most of all, it’s the culture. Friendly folks who love celebrating wine, but love celebrating each other even more.

No wonder we’re chosen by sophisticated sommeliers and Joe Schmoes—we make every person who crosses our county line feel welcome. Because you are.

Mother Nature’s 1,300 sq. mi. Playground 

As much as we love to sip, we’re also the kind of folks who can’t sit still for too long. What can we say? We’re complicated.

If you’re the same, put a little zing in your spring and visit our 1,300 square mile amusement park!

Unlike some other amusement parks, ours have zero lines, wide-open spaces, nobody in costumes trying to sell you something, and best of all, they won’t cost you a second mortgage.

Bass Fishing on Clear Lake
Bass fishing on Clear Lake

Strike a bass (or try to) at Clear Lake, the Bass Capital of the West, whose whimsical waters are also home to blue heron or one of our many avian neighbors. Though really, the entire county has “gone to the birds.” Literally. 

Spot a bald eagle or tule elk at the Cache Creek Wilderness Area. 

couple mountianbiking
Couple Mountain Biking

Bring your bike, or borrow one of ours, for a ride around Boggs Mountain State Forest. 

Hiking Mt. Konocti

Summit the 10,000-year old Mt. Konocti, Lake County’s oldest resident, which at 4,300 feet and change rewards your relaxing day hike with absolutely breathtaking views.

Standup Paddleboarding_Blue Lakes_Lake County-California
Blue Lakes in Upper Lake

Or just do as the locals do and live the lake life, (hey, Lake County is literally our name), whether that’s boating, swimming, kayaking, or simply do nothing at all.

Pretty much the only thing you can’t do around here is be bored.

Unique Lodging Options

With lodging options as exciting as our attractions, you’ll have no trouble finding a place to stay that’s just as fun as where you play!

Farm Stay at Finca Castelero
Farm Stay at Finca Castelero

Go on the “pear”-fect rustic retreat with a Farm Stay at Finca Castelero, a 25-acre estate consisting of a pear orchard, vineyard, barn and three bunkhouses.

Sanctuary Treehouse at Pine Grove
Sanctuary Treehouse at Pine Grove

Settle into the serene cabins beside a majestic forest shadowed under towering pines at the Pine Grove Resort.

Featherbed Railroad
Featherbed Railroad

Choo-choo-choose the Featherbed Railroad Caboose B&B, with nine antique railroad cabooses, each distinctively decorated with an individual theme.

Boatique Winery

Sail away to slumber town at the luxury Vintner’s Residence overlooking the unique Boatique Winery, famous for its prize-winning wines and awesome antique sailboats.

To be honest, you can’t go wrong no matter where you stay — as long as you’re staying in Lake County, of course! 

Whether you’re away for a weekend, a week, or heck, you want to spend the whole season with us, we’d always love to see you!

Spring into Lake County for a Clearly Different getaway, and we’ll see ya when ya get here!

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