Our Favorite Clear Lake State Park Campsites

April 11, 2024

Sandy Beach swim beach with Mt. Konocti in the distance.
Sandy Beach swim beach with Mt. Konocti in the background.

Venturing into Clear Lake State Park feels like stepping into nature’s grand gallery, with its four distinct campgrounds beckoning to the outdoor enthusiast in all of us. But if you’re like me, drawn to the rugged beauty and solitude of the wild, then you’ll want to hear about our top picks for a camping experience that’s as close to nature as it gets.

Lower Bayview is where the heart of tranquility beats strongest. Picture yourself at sites #110, #111, and #112, perched on the southern edge, gazing out over Dorn Cove and the majestic Mt. Konocti.

Campsite #110 with its outcropping of rocks & views of Clear Lake
Campsite #110 with its outcropping of rocks & views of Clear Lake

These sites are considered premium for a reason—sure, they might cost a little extra, but trust me, the view alone is worth every penny. And when you’re not soaking in the scenery, you’re just a stone’s throw away from the restrooms and the winding trails of the Dorn Nature Trail. Plus, there’s nothing quite like the allure of the nearby swim beach, where you can cool off in the shimmering waters of Clear Lake.

Now, if Lower Bayview is fully booked, fear not. Upper Bayview has its own charms, catering to both the social butterflies and the solitary souls among us. Whether you’re pitching your tent in the group campground or seeking out a secluded spot for some quality alone time, you’ll find plenty to love up here. And the views? Oh, they’re something else. Site #125 offers a tantalizing

Campsite #125 Clear Lake State Park
Campsite #125 with peek-a-boo vineyard views.

glimpse of a vineyard nestled on the slopes of Mt. Konocti, while #119 treats you to sweeping panorama of Upper Lake through the verdant canopy of oak and madrone trees.

Campsite #119 Clear Lake State Park
Campsite #119 look out over the Upper Lake

But let’s not forget that Clear Lake State Park isn’t just about roughing it in the great outdoors—it’s also about embracing the local community and all it has to offer. So when you’re ready to swap stories around the campfire for a taste of small-town charm, head on down to Kelseyville. There, you’ll find everything from cozy cafes to bustling breweries, each offering its own unique slice of country living.

Main Street Kelseyville, Photo by Karen Pavone Photography

So lace up your hiking boots, grab your gear, and set your sights on Clear Lake State Park. With its breathtaking vistas, serene campsites, and endless opportunities for adventure, it’s the perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts.