THAT Ranch: Check Out Our 7 Must-See Picks At This Spectacular Pumpkin Patch

October 10, 2023

When you think of pumpkins, what springs to mind? Probably pumpkin pie, Jack O’Lanterns, and Charlie Brown.

But did you know that there are more than 150 different varieties of pumpkins? In fact, you can see more than 100 types of them at THAT Ranch at Wildhurst Vineyards in Lake County.

That Ranch 2023 pumpkinsCrunchkin. Apprentice Toad. Cotton Candy. Grizzly Bear (oh my!). Porcelain Princess. Gladiator. Aladdin. Warty Goblin. Just to name a few…

Visiting the pumpkin patch is a traditional autumn activity for families across the country, but as with most things around here, we do it Clearly Different.

That’s all thanks to THAT Ranch. In addition to all of their pumpkins, they also have a “melon” different things to do.

So while gazing at gourds is the number one thing to do at the go-to pumpkin patch in Lake County, it’s not the only activity your family will love at THAT Ranch. Not even close!

That Ranch 2023 tractorWe’ve compiled our seven must-see picks at this spectacular pumpkin patch. Check them out! 

Spoiler Alert: You will take lots of photos that will embarrass your kids when they’re teenagers. How fun is that?

Get lost and found in the a-maze-ing Corn Maze!

That Ranch 2023 corn maze
That Ranch 2023 Corn Maze

When we say “the Corn Maze is a can’t miss,” you can bet there’s more than a kernel of truth. Especially this year, when the Corn Maze is dedicated to our favorite topic — Lake County! Yep, the theme this year is all of the beautiful sights, sounds, and small town charm our community has to offer. Plus, admission to the Corn Maze includes free access to many of the activities on this list. Nice!

Get the 411 on farming

That Ranch 2023 scenic viewWhat’s the best way to learn about farming…besides slapping on some overalls and getting your hands dirty in the field? Visiting the all-new Agricultural Learning Center at THAT Ranch. This year, THAT Ranch added their new learning center to help teach younger guests all about agriculture, including pictures and interactive exhibits to help kiddos visualize agricultural processes.

Jump as high as you can

That Ranch 2023 jumperY’know how you always tell your kids to not jump on the bed (even though you remember how fun it is)? Well, at the Jumper, it’s not only allowed – it’s encouraged. The Jumper is just that, a giant jumping pillow set into the ground where kids can jump as high as they want and play for as long as they want. So basically a little kid’s dream scenario. What’s better than bouncing around? The fact your kids can do it for free with Corn Maze admission!

All aboard!

That Ranch 2023 ridesThe fine folks at THAT Ranch love trains so much that they have not one, not two, but three! The Vine Train lets you tour THAT Ranch in your own cart pulled with a vintage Ford tractor. The Bee Train is better for little ones, as kids get to “buzz” around in adorable little bee carts. And there’s the all-new The Moover, which is just like the bee train, only this time the carts are designed like cows. It’s a very moo-ving experience.


Here’s a fun activity you never knew you needed: Apple cannons. You read that right — Apple…Cannons. Test your accuracy, aim, and skill shooting targets from one of two apple cannons. It’s a blast, literally and figuratively. Just try to not eat your ammo.

Try ALL the games!

That Ranch 2023 miningThe activities above are a few of our favorites, but the truth is, THAT Ranch is one giant playground, with soooo much to do for you and your crew. Activities like (*takes deep breath*) swinging, sand digging, tug of war, duck races, gold panning at Cookie’s Mine, moving basketball hoops, and ten kiddie rides! Finding something to do won’t be hard, but knowing where to start will be.

Grab a bite

That Ranch 2023 kids playingAll of these activities are bound to build up your appetite. Grab a plate and pull up a chair at one of our three favorites: Michael’s Weiners, serving the farmer’s special hot dogs; Mrs. Hat’s Kettle Corn, featuring tasty treats passed down through generations; and Smoky’s PB & J’s, a fresh, but familiar spin on an old favorite. Plus there’s drinks and concessions throughout THAT Ranch, as well as sweet treats (like caramel apples) brought to you by Kelseyville FCCLA.

Write a letter to say “thanks”

That Ranch 2023 farmWe get to have all this fun thanks to the courageous men and women protecting our country both at home and abroad. THAT Ranch realizes this, and has partnered with Operation Tango Mike’s Ginny Craven to write letters to deployed soldiers. Just a little way to say “thanks” and to remind us all that we get to enjoy freedom and fun thanks to the brave few.

Whether you do some or all of these activities (we recommend all), you’re sure to have a gourd-geous time at THAT Ranch. And if you can’t squeeze it all in on one trip be sure to purchase a season pass so you can come back again and again! So plan your visit to THAT Ranch and enjoy your Clearly Different trip to the pumpkin patch! 

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