Fab Times with Fido!

Is Rover ready for a road trip?  Wouldn’t think of leaving your best friend behind?  We’re with you!  Lake County is dog-friendly and then some, so we’re ready to welcome you and your canine best friend to our slice of Northern California. Check out our pooch-friendly brew pups (oops! Freudian slip), wineries, hiking, and more. Photo of girl with dog:  Jamie Bridges Photography.

Here are some resources to help plan your visit:

No Whining at these Wineries
Woof it Up on the Water
Outdoor Fun on Lakes and Land

A Houndly Hike

Getting out on the trail with your dog is a treat for you and him or her. In Lake County, we offer over 100 miles of hiking trails that offer easy access and are suitable for all ages and skill levels. Please note that Lake County has a leash law, and it’s prudent anyway to keep your pets on leash for everyone’s safety: for you, your pet, other folks and their pets, as well as for wildlife. Here some great options for hitting the trailhead:



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